Transrectal Ultrasound

What is transrectal ultrasound?

Transrectal ultrasound is test to examine the prostate gland; because the prostate gland is sitting right against the rectum, very accurate size measurements can be obtained.

How is transrectal ultrasound performed?

A transducer probe is gently inserted into the rectum through the anus. The prostate gland dimensions are measured, the inside of the prostate is examinated carefully for abnormalities.

Why is transrectal ultrasound performed?

The main purpose of the transrectal ultrasound is to allow the accurate estimation of prostate size. The size of the prostate size is important in determining medical and surgical treatment.

Digital rectal examination and abdominal ultrasound can also give a prostate size estimate, but transrectal ultrasound is more accurate. MRI scans can also give an accurate prostate size estimation.